A Letter from Jim

I went door to door today and my last stop was a man who reached out to me on Facebook after receiving information from my opponent. He was concerned about the RINO endorsements. He did some research, then made this comment on my page. It lifted my spirits at a time that was critical. God always does that, doesn’t He??? Click below to read Jim’s letter.

Kim, you don’t know me from Adam, but what a breath of fresh air you are. I’m 70 yrs. old and have served in the military for this country overseas (supposedly) stopping the spread of Communism. Today, Communism is at our doorsteps, led by Liberal Democrats and RINO Republicans, as many of us have slept on what has been happening in our political surroundings. I’m not affiliated with a Party, but I’m a proud Conservative. I believe in the ability to worship as one pleases, unencumbered. I believe in our Constitution and Bill of Rights as Written by our forefathers. I don’t believe unelected bureaucrats from agencies who are not accountable to the public should be able to create and enforce laws. Taxes are too high, and bureaucracies run amok. I do believe in Individual Freedom, however. The right for an individual to make their own choices and take responsibility for those. If we learned anything from the last election, it’s that the only way to stop the slide to Communism is to start with our local politics. That leads me to my main point. I’ve received brochures and door knocks from your opponent. It concerned me greatly that he’s being endorsed by politicians I have issues with. Those same politicians who have led the charge or helped get us into this mess. I see the money being put behind his campaign and it tells me “BE CAUTIOUS”. So today I sat down to research all of the candidates on the upcoming Primary Ballot. What I’ve learned about you is you are just the type of person I’ve been saying we need representing those of us who believe in our Constitution and Freedom. We need young people who don’t want to run for office but have lost faith in the establishment to do the right thing because it’s the right thing to do. People who aren’t looking for a career in politics and find it distasteful but will carry the torch because they don’t trust others to represent them at such a pivotal time in this country’s history. Thank you so much for the sacrifice you are making. You will have my vote. Message me and I’ll give you my address. You can plant a sign in my yard. To anyone else reading this who feels the way I do, please make it your priority to research the candidates and vote in your local election primaries. That is the only way we can change the course this country is taking toward Communism. Sincerely, Jim Metheny
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