And Off She Went to Change the World

off she went to change the world

Sometimes God gives us little hints that we’re on the right path.

I have explained before how the topic of me running for office all started with a luncheon with Laurie Rapert . I went home after that luncheon and thought, “Can I really run for office?” “Should I run for office?” I prayed. After about two weeks I felt that God was leading me to do this. I knew that I couldn’t change the world all by myself but I also knew that nothing is going to change unless average people, like me, stand up and do what’s right, so I decided to take a chance. Well, today I’m going to Women in Business luncheon and I needed a small bag to put some lipstick and powder into. I went to my closet and I grabbed the first thing I saw… and this was the bag. I have a beauty box subscription and every month I get a tiny bag of about 5 samples. I have about 10-15 of these little bags. THIS is the one I grabbed. Sometimes God gives us little hints that we’re on the right path. I truly feel in my heart that this is my little hint that God is on my side. I am just an average, everyday, hard-working, taxpaying, business owner that’s scared to death for the future of our city, our county, our state, and our country. I’m trying to stand up, jump outside my box, and do the right thing.

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