Arkansas Rises Gala

Kim Slaughter and Sarah Huchabee Sanders

Enjoyed the excitement and energy at the Arkansas Rises Gala

It was a great event!! Good seeing Jason Rapert and his beautiful wife Laurie. I always enjoy listening to Jason play and hearing Sarah Huckabee Sanders speak. Her story about the Holocaust Museum touched my and jason

Jason has been a good friend for years.  I know him to have a patriotic heart.  When my father, a Vietnam Veteran, who spent 20 years in the Air Force had a massive stroke, Jason visited him and brought him an American flag.  It meant the world to my father and he treasures that flag he fought for. His wife and I had lunch one afternoon and I was inspired to run for office. I have had enough of weak Republicans, so I have decided to do something about it and run for office. Jason Rapert has inspired me with his strong commitment to the Republican platform. I give you my word that I WILL be a STRONG REPUBLICAN!!Kim Slaughter and Jason Rapert

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