Be Someone’s Human

Be someone's human

A story from 1987 when I was 19. I felt lead to share this in hopes to help someone suffering today.
The holidays are often a time for joy, happiness, and family togetherness. However, it’s also a time filled with sadness and depression for many people. I struggled with depression and even suicide when I was young. I know firsthand how lonely that can be. I can remember sitting on my bed in the middle of night, crying, feeling helpless, and alone. I remember my trim line phone, the one that had numbers on the handpiece that glowed a slight greenish tint. I would stare at those numbers with the humming of the dial tone in the background; and listen until the dial tone became that loud, pulsating sound. I would press the hang up button and start the process all over again. I tried to think of someone to call and I could never think of anyone. Sure, I had friends, but it was the middle of the night, and I wasn’t sure who I could burden with my pain. I remember praying to God asking if he would help me and heal my heart, but deep down inside, I needed a human. I needed a human to talk to. I soon ended up in the hospital because of my depression and loneliness. I decided I would share my story with whomever was facing difficult circumstances. I would say, “I will be your human.” I’m sure many of my friends reading this will remember the story. I think this holiday season one of the best gifts we can offer is if we run across someone that we suspect is feeling down or sad or very, very, very alone, offer to be their human.

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