Endorsed by Re-Open Arkansas

Endorsed by Re-Open Arkansas. Click below to read all about it!

“On the east and north sides of Conway, Republican primary voters in District 56 are faced with two starkly contrasting candidates. Trent Minner is a RINO swamp-endorsed young lawyer and French Hill operative with limited life experience who uses a lot of slick buzz words to describe his milquetoast conservative views. While Minner is tied to the Arkansas swamp, Kim Slaughter is the people’s candidate. Slaughter owns and operates several small businesses in Conway. She subscribes to a literal reading of the Second Amendment, complete medical freedom, unrestricted school choice, and real tax reform (not a band-aid approach). Unlike her opponent, Slaughter isn’t seeking a political career; she only seeks to represent the people of Arkansas with conservative Christian values in the House. In order to reform state government, we must stop electing RINOs and those endorsed and funded by RINOs. We must elect America and Arkansas-first candidates who represent people, not money. That’s why Reopen Arkansas endorses Kim Slaughter in House District 56.”

Slaughter policy positions important to Reopen Arkansas:

To read Kim’s Candidate Questionnaire, click HERE.
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