Helping the Animals in Faulkner County

Helping animals in Faulkner County

I am in the process of setting up a 501(c)(3) charity. Faulkner County residents, we sure love our pets, don’t we? And did you know that Faulkner Country does not have an animal shelter? Of course you do!

To change that situation, we are creating a charity that will provide a way for strays to be housed and cared for and support folks who foster strays. We will provide grants to pet owners whose pets need medical care and cannot afford it, along with partnering with local veterinarians to provide care for strays. We are privately funded  through donations and fundraising events only, no government handouts. We will also offer a barter program where you can work for PAW dollars and use them for the medical care of a pet. Toad Suck Paw Friends also offers programs that teach children how to care for pets and give back to the community. We will have community outreach programs such as dog training classes and petting zoos. If this sounds like an idea you can “jump on to”, please contact Kim Slaughter at 501-499-3475. We’d love to have you join our efforts to provide a local solution for our animal friends in need.

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