I Was an Unwanted Fertilized Egg

i was an unwanted fertilized egg
I want to celebrate adoption and show young women that children are a precious gift to childless couples and a crucial alternative to taking the life of an unborn baby.

My mother and father married in 1960.  They wanted to have children right away, however my mother found out that she could not have children.  After years of trying, they decided to adopt. The wanted a boy but soon after they completed the requirements to adopt, they got a call.  It was a social worker explaining to my parents that they had a baby girl and asked if they would consider a girl, they said yes.  They drove to Atlanta and rented a motel room. The social worker took me to the motel so my parents could keep me overnight.  My mom said I cried and screamed all night. Nothing they did made me stop.  The next morning when the social worker came back, she asked my dad what they thought. Instead of saying this one is crazy his response was “you can’t have her back.” Well, I am writing this so I guess you have figured out they kept me.  It took my parents about 3 months and $50 to adopt me. They say to this day that was the least amount of money they ever spent on me.  It just went up and up from there.  They felt so blessed and so lucky to have a baby after trying so hard.  There were a few years (year 14-17) that they wondered if it was too late to give me back.  I was an unwanted fertilized egg and it’s possible that I am alive because in 1968 abortion was illegal.  It is impossible to know for sure, but I do know this;  if you leave an unwanted fertilized egg alone for 53 years you get ME!!! I am a living breathing human.  I am married to my soulmate that I met in 7thy grade art class.  He would not have his soulmate without me having a life.  My parents may have received another baby, but if I was not born, I would not have been the perfect fit that we make.  I look so much like my mother everyone is shocked that I’m adopted.  I am the same height, shoe size, and body style when we weigh the same.  My father has 7 missing permanent teeth that never came in, which is very hereditary, and I am missing 11.  God put us together.  God knew I would be theirs when I was just an egg. My father had a stroke 3 years ago, so my parents sold their home and moved in with Johnny and me.  Having my parents spend their final years with me is so great. Although she won’t let me eat ice cream in the living room and my dad wheel-chaired himself to my room last week to tell me to clean it. (Um I’ve been kinda busy dad running for office and all.) They believe an hour is PLENTY of time for Johnny and I to dine out. They still wonder if I have a REAL  job since I work from home. We have a call system in the house and when the bell goes off Johnny and I look at each other and say “accident or IT/Netflix issue?” Usually, they need help finding a show on Netflix, however my mom becomes BILL GATES when she must figure out how to see the Hogs play. I cook pancakes every Saturday morning (my dad’s favorite) and never put peppers  in ANYTHING as per MOM. Sorry Johnny. Miss Ellie jumps out of bed the second she hears my mom’s door open and hangs out with them all day. My dad pets her constantly, then she comes home for food and a bed to sleep in. Just like a canine teenager. I have 4 chihuahuas and my mom and dad have 2 weenie dogs. Every morning, at around 8:30, mom gets up and feeds her dogs and gives my dogs a handful of their food. Ladybird thinks it should be at 6:30 because that’s about the time she starts whining at the door. Thanks mom. Anyway, they adopted me in 1968 and for that I am so grateful and so lucky. I love my parents with all my heart, but Mom, sometimes it takes more than an hour for Johnny and I to dine out.
Adoption changes lives, creates stories and memories that last a lifetime.  A baby is a blessing from God.  I want to celebrate adoption and show young women that children are a precious gift to childless couples and a crucial alternative to taking the life of an unborn baby.
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