I Will Work Hard for You!

Kim for House
I am so determined to be the kind of elected official that I would want as a voter.

I am making calls to voters!! Will start again in the morning. So many great conversations about education, mandates, nursing, even spoke to someone adopted, like me.
I am so passionate about making a difference. I am so determined to be the kind of elected official that I would want as a voter. One that cares about the people and listens to what they have to say. My LOVE for this state and country is deep. My loyalty is unbreakable and my heart is full of patriotism. Our country is in trouble and I felt called to use my resources and experience to do whatever I can to make a difference. To fight for our freedoms and represent average everyday hard working tax paying folks like me.
You have my commitment to:
VOTE Pro-life and celebrate adoption. I was once an unwanted fertilized egg.
PROTECT the 2nd Amendment
FIGHT for our Freedoms, I am 💯 against mask and vaccine mandates and will FIGHT for parents and transparency in the public schools and strongly support the money following the child. Giving the choice for education BACK to parents.
I will bring 25 years experience of owning a business to the Capitol. I have had to develop budgets, keep my eye on the money and expenses. Meet a payroll. I have had to readjust the budget when necessary WITHOUT raising prices that would price me out of the market.
SUPPORT law enforcement.
SUPPORT veterans. My daddy spent 20 years in the USAF and raised me to respect our military. It’s essential for freedom.
Please join me on my journey to become the person who represents you.
The way it was intended to be. I will be your servant YOU will be my boss!! VOTE MAY 24
…and Follow my page.
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