Investing in My Community

Toad Suck Mini Golf Toads
Where’s the bacon!???
The #toadsuckminigolf “toads” I love this community so much.

When we first received the loan to build mini storages, on the land we bought on HWY 64, Johnny and I decided that we wanted to give back to the town that has been so good to us over the years. So we told the bank and they told us the loan was only approved for mini storages. We had to reapply! The bank that agreed to mini storage said NO to mini golf. It would have been easy to give up and build mini storages. LOWER OVERHEAD, TRIED AND TRUE BUSINESS MODEL, LESS EMPLOYEES, MORE PROFIT POTENTIAL, GUARANTEE LOAN . We discussed it and decided that NO we can’t do that. The people of this area have been asking for a family fun place to take their children to for years. So we kept going. Eight banks later, we got a YES to our risky venture. We had to make hard decisions after the “conditions” were laid out. We took the risk and built a mini golf. I am just as committed to this community as I am with the TSMG venture. I LOVE this town and want to help make it a great place to live.
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