When I voted for Jason, I got what I bargained for and then some.

If we had more politicians like Jason Rapert I would not need to run. When I voted for Jason, I got what I bargained for and then some. Unfortunately, he is a rare true Christian Republican. He will make a GREAT Lieutenant Governor!! Jason and his wife are the reason I considered running. I prayed and God sealed the deal. I haven’t worked for Asa or Leslie and honestly wouldn’t want to. I have never had a job funded by taxpayers. I don’t have wealthy parents or supporters who are part of our broken government. I have worked HARD for everything I have. As far as bringing jobs to Conway, I already have without using taxpayer money. Johnny and I employee 13 folks that depend on every decision we make for their lively hood. Every two weeks I must make payroll. I haven’t taken a vacation in 20 years. I even got married on my day off. I didn’t grow up here, but I have lived and owned property in THIS county for the past 7 years. Creating jobs, supporting my community, given to numerous local charities, and served on the board of the local United Way for 3 years. I risked everything I owned to bring family entertainment to Faulkner County. I have put my money where my month is time and time again. I’m not going to promise ANYTHING I can’t deliver. What I can promise is I’m NOT a career politician or a lawyer. I’m a taxpayer just like you and I’ve had enough and the last thing I want is another RINO in office. If you want to get to know me, talk to me or even have me visit you, contact me at 501-499-3475 or email kimslaughter@kimforhouse.com. I believe in a government FOR the people, and I want to work FOR a you.

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