Political Machine Pumping Out Career Politicians

ALL my ads and marketing are 100% created by me.

Nothing says “I’m NOT doing my own marketing, nor am I involved” like having your own name spelled wrong. Also are there two Tom Cotton’s??? Whoever is running his campaign is clearly NOT in Arkansas. Can you trust anything you read on his marketing to be from him??? Did y’all get this postcard??? The political establishment machine is pumping out the postcards. So, Trent’s “high paid political consultant” sends out the SAME mailer for his clients and just changes the name. 3 different candidates, same postcard. We already knew Trent wasn’t looking at what goes out on his behalf. He paid for a Facebook ad where he had his name spelled wrong and he labeled Tim Griffin as Sen Tom Cotton. Like I said before, Trent is part of the Clinton trained political machine pumping out career politicians that have no idea what message is being sent out. ALL my ads and marketing are 100% created by me. It’s my voice, my heart, my passion. I do not have a high paid political consultant. I am just speaking the truth and being me. Call me anytime if you have questions or want to talk. 501-499-3475. VOTE Kim Slaughter May 24th! Early VOTING May 9

.May be an image of 5 people, beard and text that says "i THE REPUBLICANS WE TRUST TRUST TRENT MINER Sen. Tom Cotton Gov. Asa Hutchinson Sen. Tom Cotton A.G. Leslie Rutledge"

#voteKimSlaughter #voteMay24 #SayNOtoCareerPoliticians #ThePeoplesCandidate

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