It will take HARD work to build a better Arkansas government and I am up for the challenge. Read more

I missed him not being around at times but his actions, his work ethic, and his character is what left a permanent impression in my young mind.

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Signs for Seniors

I have been committed to this community for years and every Thursday I will post a blast from the past so you can get to know me better!!!

off she went to change the world

Sometimes God gives us little hints that we’re on the right path. Read more

Rebecca Smith Republican of the Year

I am very blessed to attend the Faulkner County Republicans Annual Christmas Dinner. Read more

Talk Tuesday with Kim Slaughter
I am not a politician I have just HAD enough!!

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Kim Slaughter and Sarah Huchabee Sanders

Enjoyed the excitement and energy at the Arkansas Rises Gala Read more

My Favorite Veteran

His love of country runs deep, and he instilled that in me. Read more