I went door to door today and my last stop was a man who reached out to me on Facebook after receiving information from my opponent. He was concerned about the RINO endorsements. He did some research, then made this comment on my page. It lifted my spirits at a time that was critical. God always does that, doesn’t He??? Click below to read Jim’s letter.

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It will take HARD work to build a better Arkansas government and I am up for the challenge. Read more

I missed him not being around at times but his actions, his work ethic, and his character is what left a permanent impression in my young mind.

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The government-run education system isn’t working. Schools are failing and students are falling through the cracks.

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Small business owners make up 80% of the Arkansas workforce. Read more

A baby is the greatest gift God ever created. Read more

Kim for House

I am so determined to be the kind of elected official that I would want as a voter.

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I am proud that Arkansas is the #1 Pro-Life state in the country. I want to make sure, in our efforts to save the life of a growing baby just like me, we don’t forget about the scared mother who has found herself in a difficult and unplanned situation. Read more

They have an after school program and the children are making Valentine’s Day cards for our Women’s Fellowship group and we are delivering them to the residents at Heritage Living Center.

We Need a Better Way to Win an Election!

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