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When I voted for Jason, I got what I bargained for and then some.

Rebecca Smith Republican of the Year

I am very blessed to attend the Faulkner County Republicans Annual Christmas Dinner. Read more

Talk Tuesday with Kim Slaughter
I am not a politician I have just HAD enough!!

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Kim Slaughter and Sarah Huchabee Sanders

Enjoyed the excitement and energy at the Arkansas Rises Gala Read more

Kim, Then and Now
53 years ago today I was born to a young mother who gave me up for adoption.

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Walter and June McKee

I want to make adoption easier and more affordable. I want to connect a pregnant women directly with a vetted couple. Read more

Bring business to Arkansas

Arkansas ranks 37th in our country for the ability and ease of starting and operating a business. Read more

Conway Area Chamber of Commerce sets new state record.

We welcomed 394 new members this week and raised more than $120k! Both are new state records! Read more

A woman who adopted a baby in 1969

It took my parents about 3 months and $50 to adopt me. Read more

New Jobs

“Bring jobs to Conway!” Sounds great right?? Here is my story and what I did to bring jobs to Conway! Read more