Toad Suck Mini Golf Toads
Where’s the bacon!???
The #toadsuckminigolf “toads” I love this community so much.

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Small business owners make up 80% of the Arkansas workforce. Read more


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Reese knows what she wants and has a clear vision for her business. Help me wish Reese the best of luck in her future.


I have always enjoyed helping new business owners. I ran across one smart entrepreneur. She is 9 going on 30. Read more

Conway High School Event
Way before it was a political talking point and before I even thought about running for office, I was focused on career based education. In 2018, I hosted an event for Conway High School Seniors to inspire their future.

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off she went to change the world

Sometimes God gives us little hints that we’re on the right path. Read more

Small business, shopping local

Small businesses are the backbone of the Arkansas economy!! Read more