We Need a Better Way to Win an Election

We Need a Better Way to Win an Election!

When I first decided to run, I was told it would take $100k to win. This is one problem with government. Even if you are able to raise the money or have the money, the fact it generally takes that kind of money to win a district election prevents many regular folks from running and representing the regular folks in the district.
My suggestion to keep it a level playing field is this, RESEARCH! Visit candidates websites, social media, go and listen to them speak, call them up and have a conversation. See what they are doing. If the candidate you like has raised the most money GREAT, vote for them. However, don’t allow a shinny commercial that will tell you want to hear, glossy postcards, or any kind of costly advertising sway you. Pick the candidate who best represents you.
If we want a government of the people, by the people, for the people, the people need to create it. I ask that you vote for me. If you want to give a few bucks, thank you. Don’t put your finances in jeopardy, don’t take money from your Sunday collection plate or don’t take money from the food bank you would normally donate to. I will out work anyone. I have hired two people to work at my businesses so that I have the time to work 24/7 if needed. If you want to volunteer that would mean so much to me. I believe in my heart if we want a different type of representative we need a different type of campaign.
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